1/5 Scale

New! 1/5 Scale HPI Baja/Truck Losi

All of the tires we make will fit the HPI and Losi 1/5 scales.

Tread Types:

  • Slicks/Drag Racing
  • On road Street Tread
  • Pin Spikes - Regular
  • Checkerboard
  • Rib Tread
  • Knobbys
  • Super Spikes

Knobby tires are available 2" & 3" wide 6 3/4 tall

Super spike are available 2" & 3" wide 7" tall

Our tires our custom built. Inquire to talk about your tire/wheel setup. We will talk about the sizes, wheel offset, rubber compounds, and firmness of the host tire (molded foam carcass)

We also sell hub adapters to replace your stock hubs so you can run our tires. Go to www.inertiaracingproductsrc.com to see a full description of the hubs.

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